EPDM rubber seals

EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) rubber seals are widely used for their excellent properties and effective sealing capabilities across various applications. Here are some key features and applications of EPDM rubber seals: 1. **Material Composition:** - EPDM is a synthetic rubber composed of ethylene, propylene, and a diene monomer. This composition gives EPDM rubber its desirable characteristics, including flexibility, durability, and resistance to environmental factors. 2. **Weather Resistance:** - EPDM rubber seals are known for their outstanding weather resistance. They can withstand exposure to sunlight, rain, snow, and temperature variations without significant degradation. 3. **UV Resistance:** - EPDM rubber exhibits good resistance to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, making it suitable for outdoor applications where prolonged exposure to sunlight is common. This resistance helps prevent material degradation over time. 4. **Ozone Resistance:** - EPDM rubber is

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